Exam and Interview techniques

Exam and Interview techniques

Exam and Interview techniques can be a daunting time for young adults

Preparing for exams is always a stressful time for students, parents and teachers, all those years of knowledge about to be tested.  The pressure can be to much at times worrying about making the grades and what the future holds.

Do you suffer with exam nerves?  You can put this to your advantage, Teresa has many techniques to show you how to do this, turning those nerves into a good thing.

We have an excellent CD to help with exam nerves, which listening to on a regular basis will take you through the whole process of going to and sitting your exam. 

Interview technqiues are very important as it is possibly the only window you get to show off your tallent to a future employer. You need to get it right so that you don't pass up this oppertunity. As a mentor, coach and sucessful business person Teresa has the knowlege and experience to show you what to include in your CV and how to prepare for your interview.

Parents are you worrying about your son/daughter not coping or not bothering to revise or study for their exams? Finished school/college and lost motivation/direction? Teresa is on hand to help and find the key to get them motivated.

Teachers. Do you have pupils that are lacking in confidence and not able to concentrate and focus towards exams or stuggling with interview nerves?  Contact us today for help.