What We Do

Helping to create leaders of the future.

Imagine seeing and hearing happy achieving confident children that know what they want, know how to see and work towards their goals.

We know:

  • How to enhance children's learning abilities, communication & soft skills.
  • How to build their self esteem and confidence.
  • How to prepare them for life beyond school/college
  • How to prepare for Interview's and what to include in their CV

Giving teachers the tools to 

  • Manage their stress levels, 
  • Communicate better with children & parents
  • Improve OFSTED results
  • Give better presentations 
  • Become a brilliant, confident outstanding Leader

How does this work?

Coaching sessions can be one to one, or in small groups. (maximum 12) in school/college/University or at the Practice. As we work world wide We also offer Skype and telephone sessions to save time and travel for you.

Teresa also teaches what is known as the The "Magic Programme,"  taught to children aged 12 and over in a school setting, classes of 12 max over a period of  6 - 8 weeks. This comprehensive course is fully approved by the open college network and will raise self esteem, confidence, teach how to set and work towards goals.

Below are a few examples of what Teresa’s work commonly covers:


"We hear what you are saying and see us working together towards a great future for the young folks"

We create leaders for the future


Coaching helps children and adolescents to understand where their anxiety or difficulties really lie. It untangles the thought processes and learned behaviours showing a clear way forward.

Teresa often called the "listening coach" will listen intently to you, to what you are telling her, so that she can help you to see the best way forward, making a sustainable difference upon which a great future can be built.



It’s not easy being a parent. You learn a lot as you go along but when problems arise that affect your child’s happiness and ability to learn and succeed it might be a good time to consult a specialist.

Teresa can help support you and your child and contribute to raising their self esteem and confidence.


Teachers have to appeal to a range of learning styles and levels of ability whilst engaging and maintaining every child's interest and managing class discipline.

If you would like some new tools to draw on, better results and to get more enjoyment out of every day our coaching will help.