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A study of nearly 300,000 children enrolled in programmes designed to assist their emotional and social development found that there was a 10% rise in these skills, but a subsequent betterment of their behavior and academic abilities as well.  Such research demonstrates how closely intertwined a student's academic success is to their happiness.  In other words, a happy and well rounded child will achieve more success and contentment in their lives than an anxious and unhappy child.  A report from the World Innovation Summit in Health has this week openly attacked schools who refuse to offer counseling and soft skill opportunity approaches to their students as being ‘grossly inhumane’, before going on to state that children in distress are likely to be on benefits and unsuccessful later in life.  

child boyOur modern day lifestyles pile pressure on to children from such a young age with 'Learning Journals' from the age of 2.5 documenting every tiny development to ensure that they are ‘on track’, to exams and assessments from the age of 6.  Such situations can increase anxiety in a child, however well rounded they may appear to be.  A developing lack of confidence could come from a 7 year old receiving a lower grade then their best friend, to a GCSE student feeling under pressure to study and achieve so as to fulfill expectations.  At such a young, impressionable age, care must be taken to ensure children remain happy and emotionally stable if they are to achieve success at life, not just at exams.  Schools which push too much pressure on to their children can ironically end up with lower results and thus, the report suggests that emotional needs must start to be met and considered to be as important as maths and english. 

Child line have revealed that there has been a dramatic increase in calls from children with anxiety issues over their exams, and shockingly, 43% of the pupils receiving counseling at schools in the UK are under 11!

So what can be done?  

The first thing is to understand that not every school in the country will be able to make instant and longstanding changes to their curriculum due to the findings based on this report and whilst ‘happiness lessons’ at school are being looked at as a possibility by former ministers and government advisors, it would not happen right away, if at all.  So take control and introduce these crucial skills to a young person's life yourself, whether you are a parent, a teacher or the Head of a school. 

This report demonstrates the importance of soft skills for children as without them, their lives could be affected detrimentally by the school, system and society in which we all live, well in to adulthood.  Many of the habits and thought patterns we have as adults began and developed from childhood, so instilling in your child crucial yet simple habits now could be key to their long term success and life happiness.  Not only that, they could be useful to them as they start to apply for university placements and jobs later in life.  

Certain skills are effective for differing ages brackets or purposes (such as employment or progress) but they can include:


*time and pressure management, 

*stress and anxiety management, 

*confidence building, 

*flexibility and adaptability, 


*exam focus and management as well as reading, writing, listening, speaking and sub skills.  

Each child is different, and the best skills for the situation will be utilised by us here at TBC Private Practice, with customisable package options available.  We are dedicated to ensuring your child succeeds in life, not just with their exam results, but if exam pressure is taking its toll, then we offer a CD option called Take Exams with Confidence to assist them in achieving their goals minus the stress and anxiety.  

Mental health is the basis for everything they will go on to achieve, and we can be there for children, parents and schools every step of the way in whatever manner necessary.  

Soft Skill packages, “many of which will simultaneously enhance both their school learning and their future career prospects.”

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