Who We Are

Teresa is a dynamic and adept coach with years of experience and a natural rapport with children and adolescents.

She uses her extensive training and engaging manner to guide young people into a positive and confident direction, intelligently unlocking their full potential. 

Using a variety of techniques Teresa gets swiftly to the core problem standing in the way of a young person’s growth and deals respectfully with a wide range of issues helping them move forward.

She has an incredibly high success rate and an increased level of self esteem and happiness are a guaranteed part of the process.

Background and Qualifications

A graduate of Oxford Brookes University where she read and achieved a BSc (Hons) Teresa went on to gain an MSc in Science with the Open University. She then studied at Exeter University for a PGCE as a further education teacher and lecturer.

Former Harley Street practitioner Teresa has trained extensively with world-renowned top hypnotist Paul McKenna and the co founder of NLP, Doctor Richard Bandler.


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She is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer and a fully qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, having gained a Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy where she trained.

Teresa was a tutor with the London College of Hypnotherapy and a Mentor for the Society of Biology and BIP. 

She is very proud to be a STEM Ambassador, helping teachers in schools and colleges to get the younger generation passionate about Sciences and becoming confident and capable leaders of the future.


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She is currently studying for two more diplomas with the prestigious Coaching Academy London and is an approved CPD Coach by the CPD Standards office. 

Teresa is happily married (for over 35 years), is a mother of two grown up children and a grandmother of two.